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100% Refundable Money-Back guarantee?

We are happy to announce that, now you can get a 100% refundable money-back guarantee on our all premium templates, it's an easy and simple reliable method to make trust on our professional SEO friendly blogger templates that what we have implemented advanced level SEO tags which helps you in ranking. Remember these below-mentioned points can also help you to rank your website easily on Google.

Please read and sworn the following statements carefully.

1:) What is the condition for refunding?
i) You must be a premium user.
ii) Your website should be 6 months old.
iii) Once your website is set up you should not make any changes in design (we can track your blog with the help of a web archive website database screenshots).
iv) Your content should not be copied (we can check with the help of the plagiarism checker tool)
v) Your domain should be top-level like (.com, .net, .in ,org)
vi) There should be no DMCA notice that you have received on your blogger (We can check with the help of https://lumendatabase.org).
vii) Your blogger website should be light and fast loading without implementing many gadgets

2:) How can I get a refund for my blogger template?
i) If your blogger website is not ranked in Google.
ii) If your website is not visible on Google with your keywords.
iii) We will check your website and its old data.
iv) If your website isn't ranked then we will refund the money back to you.
v)  Also you can contact us through email and social media.

We are doing our best to provide the best service, we hope you can follow these easy tips and implement them on your website to get ranking results faster. Further, if you have any more questions please feel free to contact us.