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Template Sponsorship

Get a template sponsorship in Piki templates
Now link building is the best strategy for increasing your website authority on search engines to drive more traffic and ranking join our do-follow backlinks program read more for information
Note: Creating a Quality backlinks very easy with Piki Templates, we provide your website link at footer in our blogs and free templates with removeable tag like distributed by Example.com it's a easy way to create good Link Builidig
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Now you can increase your blog ranking with Piki templates it's a very easy and convenient way to make a good authority of your website and drive more traffic to your website and we can help to do this we already know that backlinking is a great strategy by which we can increase our website authority so we can provide you a High-Quality do-follow backlinks in a template and we will promote that template on popular platforms and the number of users using that template you will continuously getting lifetime good do-follow backlink as the number of users using our that template where your website link sponsored there is no temporary limit that backlink will be removed. It a Permanent Backlink for your website this is the best way to increase blog ranking and making good page authority
  • How can I join this Template Sponsorship?

    It is very easy to join you must have a good Blog And having no breaches also without any Malware, adult, gambling drugs types of category on your website. After our team review your website then we will give your approval Then there is a certain payment that you should need to do so that we start giving template sponsorship for your website but only for one website and one template

  • How many backlinks I have got by this method?

    As you know Piki template is the leading brand for providing high-quality blogger templates in the market with unique designs and comfortable responsive SEO friendly that's why there are too many users connect with us and they are continuously using our templates. So that the number of users using our template you will continue getting a permanent backlink in their website

  • How much payment I should need to pay?

    The amount you should pay will be decided by our team if you are interested in this program please contact us by email and by social media as you need to prefer. We always tries our convenient way to provide you better services

  • How many websites I can get do-follow backlink?

    The limit is decided by the Piki template and that is one website per user. This limit is settled by our team to stop spamming and other illegal activities I hope you understand the requirements and eligibility for this templates sponsorship program

For more information and inquiry about this scheme please contact us Contact us

*Last Updated: 19/August/2021