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New Notification Update

Here are Fresh New Update Available Listed Below

Schema.org is Now Available on All Themes

data-vocabulary no longer supported !

Piki True Job Template New Update.

PKM Jobs Sidebar Fixed !

A Message for Our Customer's to get Updated about New Rollout by Piki Templates

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Why Should you use only Piki Templates ?

Fully Schema Valid
Most of the templates on internet are not valid with schema.org actually they are design in that way somewhere it supports schema.org.

but originally post pages, static page, archived pages and various other important tools are available which is not properly installed.
But we design templates handcrafted which provide every well manner categorise all tools.

Mini Micro Format valid
This is another great tool which help the search engine to understand your website properly

This tool actually supports the class='vcard' , class='fn' where it provides open format and font-size and words recognization so that search engine can understand.

In Piki Templates our all the templates are valid with this Microformat Here for post pages, author section, date and time, title everything is categorised into microformat.
Even templates support homepage in micro format

Main question arises how to check this ?

Well there are two easiest way to check
1:) Whether you have good knowledge in coding so that you can edit template into notepad and find these classes
2:) Either you can use official Moz.com extension on your desktop and mobile both install and run crawl your website data {so that you can see which tool is valid in your template or not }

For PC :-
Go to Chrome Web Store
search moz-extension
install and run on your browser

For Mobile :-
Install these browsers to run your extension on your mobile
Yendex Browser, Kiwi Browser ....
These both Mobile browser supports Chrome web store extension

SEO Friendly Tags
We are Providing latest open graph opg.me SEO meta tags for increasing your website rank, and boost up your articles in all search engines.

Every social, keywords, browser icons available in top <head> _____ </head> part of template

Faster Loading Templates
All the templates are designed using latest jQuery latest CSS stylesheet which gives you faster loading to open your website.
Every template have minimum 90+ Speed according to Pingdom tools, Google lighthouse speed test , GT matrix
{tested and live screenshot attached into post } Some users facing problem speed is slow
There are the some main factors which you need to optimise
1:) remove extra CSS stylesheet (fontawesome)
2:) use minimum feature gadgets
3:) compress your all images below 20kb approx
4:) by default Google AdSense support maximum 4 ads on a page {try to maintain this}
5:) Optimise your header logo below 5 KB {make PNG format}
6:) show minimum 8 - 10 posts in main recent post section {because next pagination is available}
7:) add only useful gadgets Sidebar {remove unused}
8:) use paragraph break in your all posts as possible { <!--------more-------> }
9:) try to avoid using images logo in homepage {cloudfalre stylesheet available use them}
10:) Minimise your popular posts in sidebar

by applying this compression and optimisation your speed can be boost up 90+ even if you are any facing problem please contact us

Adsense Friendly Templates
Yes, all the templates are Google AdSense friendly.
because they are designed in compatible for AdSense approval. Many customers are facing problem during AdSense approval try to use our templates.
Piki True Job, PKM Jobs are the exceptional case for AdSense approval. Professional Skills for getting approval on Jobs Theme's (due to competitions in high peak level on internet) but you need ability to approve some basic requirements of Google AdSense you need to understand for more information these two templates are only AdSense friendly.
{but not only template your posts , pages, social links must be plays important rule for approval} while you can use our other templates for getting fastest approval like Newspaper - X, Mizz Style and much more.

In Posts Ads Section
Now, it's much easier and faster to show ads into your post from layout because a gadget is already pre-installed in templates.
Simply go into Layout then Under Main Posts Section Below Posts Top ads and Posts Bottom ads
Clean and fast responsive template

H1, H2 , H3 Tags Available
Another, feature h1, h2, h3 all these heading meta title tags are pre-installed into template. Which helps to recognise your post layout by search engines for ranking on top pages
Also main home page H1 H2 tags are also pre installed by which your keywords shown to SERP. Every template has installed with this feature.

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