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7 Best Gift Cards To Sell For Cash Instantly 2024

Here on this page, you’ll learn about the Top 7 Best Gift Cards to Sell For Cash Instantly 2024.

If you are looking for where to sell gift cards online and wish to know the best gift cards you can sell instantly near you; you’re in the right place.

Are you looking for How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Near Me?

Do you wish to know the top gift cards to sell in Nigeria and Ghana?

Are you worrying about which platform is the most reliable for selling gift cards for cash and getting paid instantly?

Don’t worry about it anymore; there is good news for you today!

The good news is that ApexPay Trading Platform is the best choice for all your gift card trading, and we’re here for you.

Yes! If you’re a gift card trader and want to know about the most popular gift cards to sell in 2024, this is for you.

I will show you the list of 7 Best Gift Cards to Sell for Cash Instantly in Nigeria 2024.

In addition, this article will walk you through how and where you can sell your gift cards for instant cash payments.

When selling your gift cards, keep in mind that change is inevitable, which applies to gift card rates.

Gift card rates are not fixed, it changes frequently. You can trade a gift card with the highest rate for this month but not next month.

It is recommended to check and note this before you start trading your gift cards.

You can quickly Download ApexPay Mobile App, to easily check for gift card rates before you start trading.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is to trade gift cards with high rates, such as those listed in this article.
Let’s see some of them quickly; Continue reading.

7 Best Gift Cards to Sell For Cash Instantly 2024

Below are the Top 7 gift cards with the highest rates that you can sell in Nigeria and Ghana today.
  • Steam Gift Card
  • American Express Gift Card (AMEX)
  • Apple Gift Card (iTunes)
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Razer Gold Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card.

1. Steam Gift Card
Over time, Steam Gift Card has been deemed the gift card with the highest rate across Nigeria and Ghana.
Most people or nearly all gift card users enjoy trading this card due to its cash value.
If you’re a gamer or love playing games, then the Steam Gift Card is something to look out for.
You can use Steam cards to buy games, hardware, software, and other gaming items.
One of the most popular and highest-selling gift cards is the UK Steam Physical Gift Card.

Here are the top-selling card denominations and categories of Steam gift cards.
  • UK Steam Card (£20 – £500)
  • Euro Steam Card (€20 – €500)
  • USA Steam Card ($50 – $500)
  • Steam UK Ecode (£20 – £500)
  • Steam CHF (20 – 500) etc.

2. American Express Gift Card (AMEX)
You can use this AMEX gift card to purchase items, goods and services at cafes, shops, gas stations, restaurants, etc.
American Express can be used everywhere within the United States.
However, you can’t reload your American Express card (AMEX).
The AMEX cards are available in three categories, with the first category being the best-selling; they include.
  • American Express ($300 – $500)
  • American Express ($100 – $299)
  • AMEX Card ($50 – $99).

3. Apple Gift Card (iTunes)
Apple (iTunes) Gift Card is among the most popular gift cards, with the highest rate in Nigeria and Ghana.
You can use an Apple gift card to purchase products at the Apple store. This includes iPhones, iPads, MacBooks as well as other devices.
The Apple (iTunes) gift card is completely different from Apple gift cards.
Apple iTunes and Apple Cards are two distinct categories of cards available for trading on the ApexPay Platform.
Below are the top-selling categories of Apple iTunes gift cards with very high rates.
  • iTunes (Greece/Luxembourg/Portugal)
  • iTunes (Portugal)
  • iTunes (Spain)
  • Apple iTunes (Austria)
  • Apple iTunes (France)
  • Apple iTunes Switzerland CHF (25 – 200).

4. Google Play Gift Card
Google Play Gift Card is also one of the Best Gift Cards to Sell in Nigeria and Ghana with high-value rates.
Google Play Cards are not left out on our list; they’re currently among the top-selling gift cards available in Nigeria and Ghana.
You can use Google Play gift cards to purchase items like movies, music, apps, books, etc.
However, the UK Google Play physical gift card is the highest selling card among its categories.
Below are the top-selling Google Play gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria and Ghana.
  • UK Google Play Card (£25 – £500)
  • USA Google Play Card ($100 – $500)
  • Google Play CHF ($50 – $99) etc.

5. Nordstrom Gift Card
The Nordstrom gift cards are among the most popular cards, with Nigeria’s highest resale rate.
You can use the Nordstrom gift card to purchase top quality fashionable items online and in retail stores.
USA Physical Nordstrom gift card is the best-selling gift card in the Nordstrom card category.
The Physical cards come with an 8-digit and 16-digit number, typically sealed at the back.
The Nordstrom best selling gift card categories include:
  • USA Nordstrom ($100 – $500)
  • USA Nordstrom ($50 – $99).

6. Razer Gold Gift Card
Razer Gold is a virtual gift card available to gamers worldwide; it is also available as a physical card and as an E-code PIN.
This Razer Gold Gift Card can be used to purchase gaming items, laptops, clothing, etc.
You can also use it to buy other items via the Razer Gold website only.
The USA Razer Gold Cards and E-codes are hot in demand, and they’re among the highest gift card rates in 2024.
Here are the top-selling card categories of Razer Gold gift cards.
  • Razer Gold ($100 – $1000)
  • Razer Ecode ($100 – $500)
  • Razer Gold ($25 – $99) etc.

7. Sephora Gift Card
Sephora is a beauty and cosmetics retail company that sells makeup products for women.
Sephora is the best spot to shop for your beauty/cosmetics items if you’re keen on taking care of your skin and maintaining beauty.
However, the Sephora brand also offers vouchers and gift cards to its customers.
You can use these gift cards to get any beauty product brand available on Sephora’s website or their mobile app.
Every Sephora gift card comes with a PIN sealed on the back and makes this the Sephora credit card.
The top-selling categories for Sephora Gift Card include;
  • Sephora USA ($100 – $500)
  • Sephora USA ($50 – $99)
  • USA Sephora Ecode ($50 – $500)
  • CAD Sephora ($100 – $500).
Where to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria For Cash?
Knowing Where to Sell and How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Near Me is exciting.
You’ve come to know the best and top-selling gift cards you can sell from the list above, but the next question is where you can sell the cards.
If you’re considering ways you can trade or exchange your gift cards for Naira or Cedis, then this is the time.
Many people have asked, “Where can I trade my cards at the highest rates to avoid getting scammed?”
The answer is; ApexPay Gift Card Trading Platform.
ApexPay Platform is the perfect answer to all of these concerns and questions.
ApexPay.org is the most reliable place to trade gift cards online and get instant cash payment as Naira or Cedis.
This platform offers high gift card rates, fast payment and unique features.
The ApexPay mobile app is the best app for trading gift cards.
The app has some exciting features like the (High Rate Cards) feature that allows you to know the rate of gift cards and their prices.
With this feature, you’ll be kept up-to-date on the most current rates and prices of all gift cards at any time, any day.

You can confidently sell gift cards for cash instantly near you by trading on a legit and reliable platform like ApexPay.
You have nothing to worry about when you choose this platform. We are very much open and ready to trade with you.
If you’re still asking “Where can I Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Near Me?” ApexPay is the Best Place.

All you need is to visit our website or download our app, then create an account, login and start trading your cards.
You can always sell your gift cards with ease when you trade using our mobile app.

How To Sell Gift Cards on ApexPay App
Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on How to sell gift cards using this Gift Card Trading App in Nigeria.
  1. Download the ApexPay Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.
  2. Sign Up by creating an account, and then Log in.
  3. Click on the Mobile App Wallet, to add your bank account for instant cash withdrawal.
  4. Locate and click on “Sell Gift Card” to Submit your gift card details/images.
  5. Wait for 2 – 5 minutes or less for the card to be Confirmed.
  6. After Confirmation, check your Wallet for your Cash.
  7. Then Withdraw straight into your Bank Account.

So, this is everything you need to know about the 7 Best Gift Cards to Sell For Cash Instantly 2024.
These cards are the Top Best Gift Cards to Sell in Nigeria and Ghana Today.
These are top gift cards with the highest rates currently in 2024.
You can always get these gift cards and trade them easily on the ApexPay Platform.
When you sell or trade your gift cards with ApexPay, You will have peace of mind.
Get started today and begin trading your gift cards here now.
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