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Can Free Paraphrasing Tools Replace Human Editors?

Marketing involves a lot of work. From understanding the customers to thinking of a campaign strategy and creating content for it, a team has to handle many things. But what is the need to repurpose more written content?

Well, one way is to hire more writers to boost productivity. But again, it will add up to cost. Therefore, many marketers think of AI paraphrasing tools to save costs and improve efficiency. But can such AI tools be an alternative to real humans?

Can AI Rephrasing Tools Replace Human Editors?

While robots are replacing human workers in different industries on assembly lines, there is a lot of difference between robotic work and writing.

Industries have well-thought-out tasks that have to be done the same way every time. On the other hand, writing is a bit of a different topic and it requires a lot of creativity, research, and analytical skills to be done correctly.

Therefore, our answer is no. AI paraphrasing tools aren’t as creative as humans are. While they can synonymize certain words and/or change sentence structure, their work still needs to undergo human observation.

In short, human editors, with their expertise and judgment, remain irreplaceable for professional editing and content creation. AI can’t beat them for now.

Reasons AI Paraphraser Can’t Replace Human Editors

They Only Rephrase Text.

While paraphrasing tools can swap synonyms and change sentence structure, they oftentimes struggle with the subtleties of language. They can even produce text with the same original context, but we still can’t trust them without looking at it.
They Aren’t That Advanced Yet.
Humans can go beyond just rephrasing text as AI rephraser tools do. Human editors can add the latest data, facts, stats, and more to the existing content to further improve the overall quality and relevancy.

Where AI Paraphrasers Wins Over Humans?

Rephrasing Text.

There are times when you want to only rephrase the existing text to give it a fresh look. Maybe you want to remove the plagiarism by synonymizing certain words and/or changing the sentence structure. AI paraphrasing tools are best to use here.

For example, we have used Editpad’s paraphrasing tool free to paraphrase a piece of text. With the help of AI and NLP algorithms, this tool was able to provide almost publish-ready content with the same context. We were amazed to see that.

Here is the output:

Reducing Your Workload.

If there is a piece of text you first need to paraphrase and then add new content to it, you can get help from the paraphrasing tools. Rewrite the text first with the tool so you can better focus on the second part, which is adding new content.

Saving Time.

Most importantly, AI paraphrasing tools can rewrite a long text in a few seconds with the help of AI and NLP algorithms, while humans require way more time to do the same tasks. This is where tools clearly win over humans.

Multilingual Support.

A human writer or editor usually knows one language to write content. For example, an English writer can only rewrite text in the English language. However, AI rewriters can rewrite text in multiple languages.

For example, if we want to rewrite text in Spanish, all we need is to select Spanish from the language drop-down menu. Paste the text into the text input box, click on the Paraphrase button, and that’s it!

Here is what the output looks like:

Who Can Replace Human Editors?

AI paraphrasing tools can’t replace human editors fully, and that’s clear. However, a human editor who knows how to use an AI paraphrasing tool correctly can definitely replace another editor who doesn’t.


Free paraphrasing tools cannot fully replace human editors. While these tools can rephrase text, save time, and brainstorm alternative phrasing, they lack the creativity, judgment, and deep understanding that humans have.

Human editors can add new information, check for context, and improve quality, which AI tools cannot do well yet. Although AI paraphrasers can help reduce workload and handle multilingual tasks quickly, their output still needs human review.

Therefore, human editors remain essential for professional editing and content creation, as their expertise and skills cannot be matched by currently available AI technology.
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