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Upgrade Piki Template Files Online

Now It's easy to update our blogger templates whenever a new version is released by our team. You can identify and check ok with the template version just suppose like to be V1.0.0 or V2.0.0.

When you purchase our blogger template you will get a license key in your email, We will use that Licence key to verify that you are a premium customer and you can get your update easily and faster,  no worries if you have lost your license key we will use your email ID that is used during the buying our premium products.

We will save customer data, not personal information only email id and license keys are stored only for updates for future updates.

These are a few cases we can’t provide template updates to you.
1) If we found you’re distributing our premium products.
2) If we found selling or distributing our premium products.
3) If we found negative comments and reviews. (we will happy to resolve the issue)
3) If we found making clone template using our scripts & codes and selling/distributing.
4) If we found a fake refund request to payment partner gumroad.
5) If gumroad detect Fraudulent transaction with stolen ATM cards.

We try to maintain quality and genuine customers on our websites, fake and scammers stay away. We will do our best to make happy relation with customers and provide them quality service with fast response as compared to other developers.

Note: In the past, we use a 2checkout platform for accepting payments but there’re many issues that's why we are shifted to the Gumroad platform which more flexible and convenient to users to buy premium products easily and using of our “Affiliate Program” system easily without long hierarchy chain for approval. Previous 2checkout customers can get regular updates easily with help of their product id or email id which is registered during buying our premium products.